Loddon Parish Council

2019 Risk Register

Date of Approval:   12-Sep                      
Approving Minute:   158                     

Summary of Risks

Asset/Activity Risks toPeopleEnvironmentFinanceReputation
War Memorial7047
Skate Park154138
Hockey Field Pond0000
Street Furniture7288
Playing & Hockey Fields3666
A146 Woodlands4144
LPC Office6096
Children’s Playground801012
Advice on Planning Issues0606
Council Conduct (General)00109
Service Disruption due to Staff Sickness / Turnover0096
Incomplete/Incorrect Accounts0077
Theft of LPC Funds0046
Failure to obtain best value for Contracts00106
Employment Risks701414
Data Protection0047
Loddon Staithe Toilets7674
Tennis Courts7032
Jubilee Hall Car Park7002

Assessment based on deriving risks by category for each asset/activity – as detailed in the Risk Register (copy held by Clerk).

Risks are derived by using the expression: Risk = Likelihood x Consequence and summing over the range of possibilities for each category of risk for each asset/activity.

Both ‘likelihood’ and ‘consequence’ are rated on a simple five point scale from 0 (lowest likelihood / consequence) to 4 (lowest likelihood / consequence).

The same likelihood scale is used for each category of risk while that for the consequences varies.

To view the full 2019 Risk Register please click here .