Christmas Lights Consent Form

Is a power supply available?
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We need your help to light up Loddon For Christmas!

Loddon has always been known for its beautiful display of Christmas lights and we thank you for your part in that.

The Parish Council needs to obtain your consent before the lights can be installed on your property, so please complete and submit the form on this page. If we have not received a reply from you by 15  November 2021 our intrepid volunteers (Councillors) will pop round and ask you in person for your consent.


You can rest assured that will we be using a reputable and insured contractor to attach the lightweight LED Christmas lights to residential and commercial properties in Loddon.


Cable ties will be used to fix the lights to existing parts of the property, and no additional nails or clips will be attached. All ladders touching buildings will have protective socks attached. We are hopeful that the lights will be installed in the last week of November and removed as soon after Twelfth night (6 January), or as weather and diaries allow.


We already have plans for properties to supply power to these low wattage LED lights but, if we find we need more properties to let us access a power supply would you be willing to do so?


If you have any questions about the installation of these lights, or need to report faulty lights, please call the Council office using the details below.