Loddon Tennis Courts are available for hire. We have two courts available, both at £5 each for a 60 minute booking.

To book Loddon Tennis Courts please click here:

Loddon Tennis Courts are managed by Loddon Parish Council.


We have placed a key in a labelled key safe for you. There are two keys in the safe; the one with the white fob is for the court padlock, and the large yellow fob key is for the court lights.

The Tennis Court key safe is next door to the electricity cupboard on the Jubilee Hall exterior wall.

Once you have entered the code correctly on the key safe, the left hand black button will push down and the front of the key safe will open (but it is stiff so please pull the door down with force). If you haven’t got the code entered correctly, the black button on the left won’t depress fully. 

The key with the white fob will unlock the padlock on the court gate.


The court lights are accessed by opening the top and bottom locks on the electrical box to the right of the key safe. The light tokens are available to purchase from LPC office during our office hours and the Jubilee Hall for £2 each. The token last for 59 minutes (the timer starts immediately when the token is put in the right side of the box).


  • Please ensure you return the key to the key safe when the padlock is unlocked, or when you have finished playing. 
  • We expect all users to book the court prior to use using the online booking form; https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/LoddonTennisCourts@loddonpc.org.uk/bookings/
  • Please ensure you have made the correct BACs payment before accessing the courts (details are in the booking confirmation).
  • The price is fixed at £5 per 60 minute slot for each court.
  • There is no buffer time between the slots, so please allow the next users on to the court as soon as your booked slot is finished.
  • If you wish to purchase a key for the courts, these are available to for £5 each from Loddon parish Council. We reserve the right to ask for the return of the key if we believe it is being used inappropriately.
  • If Loddon Parish Council has issued you with a key, please do not share it. Should you no longer wish to have your regular booking, please return the key to the  Parish Council office. (We have a post box by the front door if you wish to drop it off outside of our opening hours). We reserve the right to ask for the return of the key if we believe it is being used inappropriately.
  • Please do not allow anyone else on the court whilst you are playing (unless they have a booking).  If they have a genuine booking they will be able to access the key safe too and be aware of the code.
  • Please do not tell anyone what this access code is. We will changing it frequently ensure the courts are used appropriately and fairly.

If you have concerns about the condition of the court please notify Loddon Parish Council as soon as possible.


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