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Faulty Streetlights

Loddon Council is responsible for many of the streetlights in the town. Contact us in the first instance to let us know if you see a faulty light.

Missed Bin Collection

South Norfolk Council is responsible for domestic waste collection. If your bin has been missed, or you have another enquiry, please contact South Norfolk Council.

Highway Issues

As the Highway Authority, Norfolk County Council maintains most of the 6,000 miles of roads in Norfolk. If you wish to report a problem, please contact Norfolk County Council.

Footpath Issues

Norfolk County Council have an interactive map, where you can view registered public rights of way (public footpaths, bridleways, restricted byways and byways open to all traffic). Footpath issues can be reported by clicking on the footpath map and you can find out more on their 'Out and About' website.


Fly-tipping and Littering


Fly-tipping and littering is an offence, please report it to South Norfolk Council.

Illegal Parking


A vehicle can only be illegally parked if there are on-street parking restrictions in operation at that location. If you wish to report illegal parking, please contact South Norfolk Council.

Dog Fouling


If you see someone allowing their dog to foul and not clear it up, please contact South Norfolk Council with the owner’s details they can investigate it.

Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas


South Norfolk Council has a map which displays the Conservation Areas, Listed Buildings, Tree Preservation Orders and the District Council's Assets.


Local services in Loddon are provided by a range of different organisations, including Norfolk County Council, South Norfolk Council and Loddon Council. Use the links on this page to find the right organisation to talk to if you have a query or need a service. 

01508 522 020

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The Library Annexe, Church Plain 

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