Loddon Tennis Courts

Loddon Tennis Courts are owned jointly by Chedgrave and Loddon Parish Council and managed by Loddon Parish Council on behalf of the Loddon & Chedgrave Playing Field Committee.


The Courts can be booked online through the LTA's ClubSpark website and on their 'Booker' app.


Each court costs £5 per 60 minute slot. 

The Tennis Courts benefit from floodlighting for winter play.

Please notify Loddon Parish Council immediately if you have any concerns about the condition of the courts.




  • The price is fixed at £5 per 60 minute slot per court.

  • Floodlight tokens can be purchased at £2 each.


  • There is no buffer time between the slots, so allow the next users on to the court as soon as your booked slot finishes.

  • Do not allow anyone else on the court whilst you are playing (unless they have a booking).  If they have a genuine booking they will be able to access the key safe too and be aware of the code.

  • Please do not tell anyone what the access code is. We will be changing it frequently ensure the courts are used appropriately.

  • Return the key to the key safe when the padlock is unlocked.

  • Please ensure the key safe is locked.



  • If Loddon Parish Council has issued you with a key, please do not share it. Should you no longer wish to have your regular booking, please return the key to the  Parish Council office. (We have a post box by the front door if you wish to drop it off outside of our opening hours).

  • Loddon Parish Council reserves the right to ask for the return of the key if we believe it is being used inappropriately.